Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Get Katherine Hiegl's Hair

While researching this week's hair how-to, I found out that Katherine Heigl has a lot of hairstyles to choose from. She is always doing cute, fashionable things with her hair for red carpet events and such, she is a wonderful candidate for this feature.

The first few come from Instyle and is Katherine's "Big Glamour Curls."

Blow Dryer
Large Brush
Flat Brush
Hot Rollers

Step 1- Apply gel to wet hair and blow dry with a large brush.

Step 2- Roll hair up in two inch hot rollers, wrapping hair vertically around rollers and rolling just to the eye level, and let set for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 3- Remove rollers, create side part, and gently brush hair with a flat brush

Step 4- Spray with hairspray

The next hairstyle is Katherine's "50's Glamour" look.

Dry Rollers
Blow Dryer

Step 1- Place dry rollers, starting with the top of head, in wet hair, rolling hair away from face with one inch sections.

Step 2- Blow dry.

Step 3- Remove rollers and run fingers through hair and then shake. Part hair and lightly tuck hair behind ears while keeping curls in form.

Step 4- Spray with hairspray

The last one from Instyle is Katherine's "Textured Updo."

Curling Iron
Hair Elastic

Step 1- If you have curly hair, leave as is. If not, curl sections of hair.

Step 2- Pull hair into a high bun and secure.

Step 3- Lightly push crown hair forward to get the height on top.

Step 4- Spray with hairspray.

This last one comes from Instyle Weddings and its the "Low Sleek Bun."

Blow Dryer
Round Brush
Hair Clips
Smoothing Brush
Bobby Pins

Step 1- Apply mousse to wet hair

Step 2- Blow dry with a medium round brush and then clip into a roll to cool.

Step 3- Part hair and set aside a tear drop shaped section and then pull the rest of the hair back with a smoothing brush and pin a line from the crown to above the nape

Step 4- Smooth the other side over hand and work the roll up while securing with pins, pusing them the opposite way you want the pins to go and then turn them back. Take the top section and comb a little at a time while adding to the roll.

Step 5- Spray with hairspray.

I love Katherine Heigl and I love her hairstyles so I can't wait to start trying out some of these styles. I hope you enjoy them as well :)

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