Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cute Ways to Wear...Braids

Braids can be worn all sorts of ways. You can do a simple french braid, or a simple side braid, or a french side braid.

For other ways to wear breads, Zimbio, has a few.

Braids can be incorporated into an updo, with them in the front as seen here on Anne, Nicole, and Jessica. A french braid is also an option, here. Another option is, instead of an updo, just go with a ponytail.

Lauren Conrad is always using braids in here hair, some like the ones above, or like this, where it starts on one side and ends on the other.

Or this style, which I love, and am excited to try, where she has tiny braids in random spots.

For other braided looks go on over to Zimbio and check out the other pictures they have.

One braid style that I found on Celeb Salon, was a really cute style from Kate Hudson.

I really love this style, and I'm excited to try this one out, also.

I hope you have some new hair ideas, and will try some out because I know that I will :)

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